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Nicolas SalnikoffDirector, Entrepreneurial Advisory

As entrepreneurs, we understand the support UHNWIs need for their businesses to thrive.

Nicolas SalnikoffDirector, Entrepreneurial Advisory

In this latest We Are Decisive post, we outline our entrepreneurial approach to wealth management.

“The next generation of UHNWIs are as likely to be tech millionaires as the beneficiaries of multi-generational wealth. As entrepreneurs, we understand the support that they need for their businesses to thrive.”

Next Gen’ UHNWIs are different. Today’s UHNWIs are as likely to be tech entrepreneurs as multi-generational inheritors. Wealth managers have to cater to the entire range of UHNWIs. 

Entrepreneurial advisory is central to how we help. Entrepreneurs often feel the loneliness of creating their business. We remind our clients that, faced with the decisions of building their investments, they are not alone.

As entrepreneurs, we have developed an expert advisory network to help fellow business-creators to thrive. We work with entrepreneurs from all over the world to bring their ideas to life, through financing, business advisory, operational or financial support. Our aim is to support the growth of their business through our network and services.

Likewise, we want to support the next generation of UHNWIs to access the unique growth opportunities afforded by this network and service. This Next Gen’ space where our clients access support and grow their wealth. 

Entrepreneurial Advisory is our ecosystem that builds value for entrepreneurs and delivers insight and opportunities from its network of clients to its network.

From Europe and North America to the Gulf and Asia, we are helping entrepreneurs to build their wealth as they build their business. 

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