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We are all ‘Next Gen’

Ross OsbornSenior Partner, Private & Institutional Coverage

‘Next Gen’ describes a way of thinking for our clients, in the services we offer and the ways we look at co-investing with them.

Ross OsbornSenior Partner, Private & Institutional Coverage

In a new series of posts, we will be introducing you to Decisive’s thinking. What sets us apart and how we approach our responsibilities as a Next Gen’ wealth manager.

We are part of the Next Generation of wealth managers, supporting the Next Gen’ of entrepreneurs, businesses and families. Clients come to us to help them to think big, to help them to grow their wealth.

To build wealth in a fast-paced world, and bridge the gap between generations, we need a disruptive mindset and business model. That is what Decisive is all about. This is why we all have to think ahead.

The pandemic has reminded everyone that lifestyles, technologies and markets change fast. We are witnessing the growth of hybrid working. Until recently, the idea of inhabiting Mars sounded mad, now one of the world’s richest people has made it an explicit goal. Until recently, Artificial Intelligence couldn’t spot cancer. Now it does a better job of interpreting scans than teams of doctors with years of experience.

We want our clients at the forefront of change, investing in, and contributing to, generational shifts.

We all have to think smart. We want to meet the future’s challenges head on, chart a path for our clients and help them transmit wealth to their Next Gen’. We try to harness the wisdom of experience and a youthful energy to bridge the generational gaps and bring independent thought to our work and strategies.

We all have to think big. We source exciting, game-changing opportunities for our clients. These opportunities focus on unique companies that create real economic value and unlock the potential that is building a next generation of firms and wealth.

‘Next Gen’ is our clients, our investments and our services. We are a disruptive player in wealth. We think differently—always looking to the future, always anticipating, to support our clients.

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