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are central to our purpose


Chapter One

Our Investment Philosophy

At Decisive, every investment decision is based on extensive research and carefully aligned with our clients’ specific investment requirements. Mutual trust is vital; we always co-invest alongside our clients.

Asset Allocation

Traditionally, portfolio risk is mitigated with “asset allocation”.  At Decisive we go a step further and look into “risk allocation”; uncovering and mitigating the intrinsic risk of those assets. Such an approach has allowed us to build “all-weather” portfolios that have proved to be more resilient in times of high volatility and uncertainty like we saw early in 2020. Since its inception, these portfolios delivered higher returns and experienced lower drawdowns than equivalent traditional portfolios.


Equity markets this year have shown a significant drawdown and after it, an unexpected sharp recovery. Managing market risk, protecting the downside while participating in the upside requires extraordinary knowledge, experience and discipline. 

Portfolio Overlay

Strategically, we believe that higher returns come from growing businesses rather than the market as a whole. To capture this, we explore sectorial trends and secular growth opportunities in growing companies aiming at providing substantially higher rewards to the medium and long-term investors.

Exceptional Opportunities

New technologies are the cornerstone of disruptive business models. Over the last decade, we saw a rapid growth of unique opportunities in the private markets space.

In order to access unique opportunities and avoid traps, it is paramount to have a highly experienced team of investment professionals on the ground, a separate sound and independent due diligence team and a disciplined process to dig into the deepest details of any investment opportunity.


Chapter Two

Our Core Services

Our services and solutions are uniquely organized around 3 core pillars, all to provide 360-degree knowledge and expert practice. 

Decisive provides wealth management, an exponential mindset, and access to long-term investment opportunities. 


Chapter Three

Our Partners

Our diverse team has a vast network, ranging from those helping originate investment opportunities, industry partners, and Next Generation experts, to charitable foundations and philanthropic causes.

Innovation and sustainability are close to our hearts. To make an impact you need to work with the right partners.