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Re-Thinking Investments For The Next Generation

Patricio DemariaPartner, Chief Investment Officer

Over the last decade, zero-rate policies, sizable quantitative easing and Central Banks intervention in credit markets brought along radical changes in liquid assets. The relationship between risk and return and more notably their correlation in portfolios are only two of them.

Today, portfolios with above-average risk yield below-average returns while being subject to sharper corrections. Furthermore, lower returns make it more difficult to achieve inflation-adjusted capital growth, a concern that is at the centre of what we do at Decisive.

For these reasons, traditional asset allocation became less effective in driving returns with contained risk and these challenges require re-thinking portfolio construction. 

What used to work in the past is not working anymore, and more than ever one needs to rely on professional expertise.

At Decisive, dedicated investment teams of experienced professionals address these challenges, focusing on risk control while achieving sustainable growth for the medium and longer term. Based on these two objectives we create distinctive solutions that are the building blocks of how we construct investment portfolios. 

Challenging the old standards and envisioning future growth with stability is what we strive to do every day. 

Despite being a challenging aspiration, we can proudly say that so far we have succeeded. We would like to invite you to discover how.

The secret of future returns is hidden in today’s opportunities.

Patricio DemariaPartner, Chief Investment Officer


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