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Putting smart capital together with smart investors

Elie Chamat Senior Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Smart capital is investing in the disruptive businesses of the future to create real value.

The technologies that we enjoy and depend on every day have driven a relentless disruption of industries and habits. New industries have overturned old production models and services. As a direct result, these disruptive technologies are behind most of the market performance of the last decade or more. This dynamic will continue to drive market performance and deliver real value as new approaches supersede the old.

Without access to these smart capital opportunities, more traditional portfolios cannot even hope to keep pace with the savviest investors. Cycles come and go in equity markets, as sectors move in and out of fashion. But returns never go out of style. Smart investors need smart opportunities for their capital.

How is that possible? The smart leaders of tomorrow are already building smart companies that are transforming our futures. By understanding the dynamics, and participating through direct investments in technology, real estate and direct debt, we can build resilient portfolios for clients that are fit for the future. Smart capital hunts out asymmetric risks and rewards in these areas.

Decisive was created to help put smart investors together with smart investments. We rely on specialists, and their deep due diligence, to provide our clients with access to the real value creation of the future.

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