Next-Gen Ultra High Net Worth Advisors

Diversifying the portfolio to bring proven outperformance

Macro forces such as inflation, rising interest rates and the energy crisis have hit the public equity and debt markets this year, leading investors to seek alternative assets that can provide diversification and returns. When in turbulent times, portfolio diversification takes on a new importance in the protection and growth of wealth.

To future-proof wealth and help our clients meet the challenges of the future, Decisive goes beyond the traditional focus of other wealth managers on equities to deliver well-judged, balanced and diversified access to private markets. We leverage the skill and passion of our highly experienced team of investment professionals to build curated portfolios of fast-growing companies, diversified across sectors and geographies to perform for our clients.

Our private investment direct opportunities across technology, debt and real estate give our clients unique access to innovation in the everyday economy and allow them to be hands-on with investments. While there are signs that fundraising has cooled slightly, it is far from drying up. Our Direct Tech offering is the fastest growing arm of, connecting wealthy individuals to industry disruptors and entrepreneurs seeking to address the world’s most pressing problems. We have invested in tech companies including WeFox and Solarisbank – brilliant minds making what once seemed impossible a reality. Few wealth advisers are active in this space, and we have made a name for ourselves globally as experts in technology investment.

We target outperformance and strive to maintain that outperformance by staying ahead of the curve, anticipating trends and challenges, and investing early. Our strong track record in delivering sustainable growth and non-cyclical returns, coupled with our ability to provide exclusive access to private market deals, is why our clients build lasting relationships with us; why we are trusted to work with entire families; and why we have built up a multi-generational perspective.